Mammoth Rock Trail in Mammoth Lakes, California

Mammoth Rock Trail in Mammoth Lakes, California

Mammoth Rock Trail Head Sign

Mammoth Rock Trail: This is one of the original Mountain Bike rides people have been riding here in Mammoth Lakes since the early ’80s. While the trail is fun to ride, the views here are king with Mammoth Lakes, Old Mammoth, Mammoth Mountain, Long Valley, and the White Mountains.

The trail is shared with hikers and horses and runs from near the top of Old Mammoth Road down under Mammoth Rock and then down across the face of the Sherwin Range and into the lower parts of town.

Being right under the Mammoth Rock formation is an incredible sight; you will want to stop and get some photos. About a mile down the trail, you cross over the 1986 avalanche path that took out thousands of trees in February 1986. The views here are also worth a quick stop.

After that, the trail rides through the Forest for several miles and then goes through some very thick Manaznita fields with views of the Sherwins, the back Meadow, and Mammoth Mountain that are just stunning.

If you ride this as a downhill-only run, the length is 2.6 miles from the Upper Old Mammoth Road Trail Head.

For those who want to ride this as an out and back, the lower Trailhead is located on Sherwin Creek Road, a one-half mile past Sierra Meadows Ranch. There are several large propane tanks in the area of the Trailhead.

**This Mammoth Rock Trail Video was made possible by Footloose Sports in Mammoth Lakes. If you’re looking for a Mountain Bike or E-MTB Rental, check out their Rental Fleet located right at the corner of Old Mammoth Road and Main Street. You can reach Footloose Sports at 760-934-2400.

More Mammoth Rock Trail Information

Surface Conditions This trail is dirt without the pumice you find on Mammoth Mountain. It does get dusty in the heat of the day during Summers that have not had much rain. The best time to be out here is during the morning hours and after thunderstorms have cleared.

Caution: Downhill riders, please slow down and watch for Horses and Hikers. This trail has heavy usage, so expect to encounter other users.

Trail etiquette requires mountain bikers to yield to horses and hikers. If you see horses or hikers, stop and get off your bike and let them walk by… make sure to smile and say hi.

E-Bikes Not Allowed by the US Forest Service. Mammoth Rock Trail is a non-motorized USFS trail, so E-bikes are not allowed and will be ticketed at a minimum.

Stats: Distance approximately 6 miles Out and Back, 7,860-8,460 Elevation Levels, 100% single track, Medium Technicality, Moderate to Hard effort if you’re climbing due to altitude.

Mammoth Rock Trail Route Map

Mammoth Rock Trail Map
Mammoth Rock Trail Map
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Footloose Sports Bike Repair and Rentals Mammoth Lakes
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Footloose Sports in Mammoth Lakes, California – 760-934-2400

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