Mountain Biking is a Dangerous Sport and you need to take the time to learn how to ride, tune your bike, and have the right protective gear.

You Also Need to Learn Right Here and now that you must take responsibility for Your Own Actions when you come to the area to Mountain Bike.

If you’re reading one of our trail or trip reports and get all excited and then override your skill set or get hurt, that’s on You.

I have personally had multiple major crashes resulting in major head trauma, broken bones, and endless cuts and scarring since I started riding in the mid-80s. All that was nobody’s fault but my own.

One accident I had resulted in a helicopter ride off the side of Mountain Waterman after doing an endo face plant on the service road during a fast downhill ride.

The other major head trauma happened on a mellow trail in Bishop, California. I could have died in both of those incidents, but God had other plans for me.

I mention those events to show you that, yes, you need to know what you’re doing and learn more about the sport.

If you’re watching one of our videos or a guest’s video, please take into account that the footage makes the trails look tamer than they really are. I had one person send me a message saying the Mid Town Trail looked so easy, but when they rode it, they were terrified.

Always take the time to learn a new trail before charging, and yes, that even means getting off your bike and looking around before riding certain difficult sections.

Also note that the riders you see on the website are all long-time mountain bikers, and many of them work full-time in the industry. They have spent years riding and improving their skill levels, so take your time and learn to be a pro yourself.

Learn your limits, wear the right gear, and ride ride ride, and you will gain the skills and confidence to step up to the harder trails. Following others who are more skilled is one of the best ways to get better.

The other thing to take into account is that the Eastern Sierra is well above sea level. Bishop is at 4100 feet, while Mammoth Lakes is at 8000 Feet. At the Bike Park, the Main Lodge is at 9000 feet.

So even if you’re in shape you at first will feel a bit winded at these elevations. Take it slow at first, drink lots of water, and avoid all beer and hard drinks.

Ok, that’s it for this Disclaimer, Be Safe and Have Fun on our local Mountain Bike Trails and Roads. 

Steve Taylor – The Snowman