Footloose Evergreen Advertising Offer

Footloose Benefits

Evergreen Ads Last the Life of a Video – 20+ Years
Rent more Mountain Bikes
Rent More E-Bikes
Sell More Mountain Bike Gear
Sell more Mountain Bikes
Get More Mountain Bike Repair Business
Be seen as the Major Local Supporter of Eastern Sierra Mountain Biking

Mountain Bike Videos of Local Trails

We have 25 Videos in Production for 2023 (See the List Below)

Footloose Video Sponsor What you would get
Evergreen Ad
Footlose Logo In Video
Text Sponsored by Footloose In Video
Voice Mention Footloose in each Video
Head Cap Footloose on Bike
Text and Link in YouTube Description
Text and Link in Social Media Posts Descriptions
Text, Banner, and Link on Video Page at
2 Year Text, Banner, and Link on Trial Page at


$499 Per Video when you commit to 10 or more videos
100% Trade Value

Trade Terms:

First, I am looking for a Specialized Turbo Levo Carbon Alloy in an S3 size, I am currently on that medium Stump Jumper You sold me.

Second, my current Stump Jumper could also use a full professional Tune-Up, Wheel True, and a Full Shock Service as one has never been done. The bike also needs a new cassette and front chain ring. I would pay for the parts and they would not be in the trade.