Footloose Sports Bike Repair Mammoth LakesWelcome To Eastern Sierra Mountain Biking; if you’re looking for a unique place to go for a Mountain Bike adventure, then you need to check out the Eastern Sierra Region.

From Traditional Mountain Bikes to the new Mountain E Bikes, there are countless opportunities to ride here.

You will find everything from single-track action to motocross trails to OHV trails to forest service roads that lead deep into the back country.

During the Summer months, you also have access to the massive trail network at the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park.

There is nothing like getting a lift to 11,000 feet and riding down 3000 vertical feet of dirt single rack trails. If you’re on say a Turbo Levo you can then bomb back to the Main Lodge and do it all over again without bonking out.

During most years, there are only a few days when you can’t find a place to ride in the Eastern High Sierra and the Northern Owens Valley. If you’re into Mountain Biking, we hope to inspire you to come up and ride in our unique location.

This website is here so you will know where to ride, what the current trail conditions are, and what to expect from the local weather on your next Mountain Bike Trip to the Eastern Sierra.

We cover most of what you can ride at the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park, in the Inyo National Forest, and in the Bishop and Big Pine areas. There are miles and miles of biking to be had up here.

While you will find a lot to ride on this website, there are countless roads and off-shot single tracks that are not mapped or marked that you will discover as you investigate this area on your Mountain Bike.

During most years, there are only a few days when you can’t find a place to ride in the Eastern High Sierra and the Northern Owens Valley. If you’re into Mountain Biking, we hope to inspire you to come up and ride in the Eastern Sierra some time soon.

*Please note this website is a work in progress. We are working on this site full-time now; look for all the main area pages to be done soon. Fresh videos and photos of what to ride will be rolling out around mid-June, with a new video expected weekly.

As of June 8th, 2023, @ 2 PM

Mountain Biking Weather Update: There is a chance for afternoon showers and thunderstorms at times right into early next week. As the next cut-off low moves in, the storms could get quite wet by late morning or early afternoon right into Monday. Be ready for possibly heavy rain after the noon hours right into Monday. 

Chances range from 30% to 50% each afternoon. Snow levels during heavy storms could briefly drop down to around 10,000 feet.

Temperatures will be in the low to mid-50s around Main Lodge. Overnight lows are expected down into the low to mid-30s. Winds will be in the light range except in areas where thunderstorms develop and go off. Overall the next month looks to be below average temperature-wise.

Get our full Mountain Bike and Recreational weather forecast at this link.

Current Trail Conditions: As of this update, the available mountain biking has opened up into Shady Rest and the Mammoth Knolls areas. Everything from Shady Rest down to Bishop is ready to ride.

The current snow line is around the 7500-8000 feet level. Any place below the 8000-foot level that gets direct sun is melted out. At the 9000-foot level up to the 11,000-foot mark, about 8-25+ feet of Snow remain.

Trail and Dirt Road Conditions out there are primarily dry unless you’re near any creek, stream, or river, as a massive runoff occurs, with many areas flooded along waterways. A perfect example is the lower section of Lower Rock Creek Trail, which has about a 100-foot-long section that you must walk through water about 8-10 inches deep. Some mud ruts are near the Top of lower Rock Creek Trail.

Some rain has been reaching the ground from Bishop up to Mammoth Lakes. Local trails that had started to get dry did get a bit of a spruce up. Tuesday morning on my ride was an actual brown powder day as we got to ride the moist dirt from a big thunderstorm that went through overnight.

The best trail to ride in the Mammoth area is The Knolls Loop on a traditional Mountain Bike or EBike. Or ride out Sawmill Road and do the Big or Little Smokey Bear Loops. This is a bit of sand, but it is not bad yet. Try an E Mountain Bike on this route, and you will find you can power right through the sandy sections.

When I checked a few days back, the Inyo Crater Loop and Single Track area still snowed in, but the Snow was melting fast.

Down at Toms Place, you can do the Sunny Slopes / Upper Gorge Ride, there is some sand, but it’s not bad yet. Mountain Bikes and Mountain E-Bikes are your best bet on this route.

Out of Bishop, all OHV trails and side single-track routes are now open in the Buttermilks. With the cool weather, now is the time to check this area out before the Summer sets in during July.

The roads and motocross trails in West Bishop have some great riding. Just watch for some big-time eroded sections. Those erosion sections do make for some fun technical riding.

The classic Black Rock Canyon Road climb is crazy right now. I saw some images of locals carrying their bikes through some long boulder sections to get to the Polleta single-track downhill. So it’s doable, but only for the exceptionally fit, and I would not want to carry a heavy e-bike over those rocks, so beware.

The other option is riding your Mountain E-bike right up Polleta Canyon. I have seen it done recently. When I get a Levo in my hands to ride, I plan on trying it.

Silver Canyon is washed out in spots and closed to 4 x 4 traffic. The USFS told us you can still ride up the road on a mountain bike. Do beware that all those river crossings on this route are significant now.  

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park: Word from the Bike Park staff is there is no set date for opening the bike park due to the extreme winter of 2023. With the record snowpack, operations will be cut back this season. It will likely be mid-August before all the trails from MC Coy station down can open. I will update you as I hear any news about the Bike Park.

Ride on Snowman Out… 🙂

Mountain Biking the East Side High Desert Area near Bishop, Ca
Mountain Biking the East Side High Desert Area near Bishop, Ca

Eastern Sierra Travel Information

Beware of High Run Off: Creeks and Streams are death traps right now. One life was already taken from the high water.

Hikers, beware that all trails above the 8500-foot level still have as much as 10-20 feet of Snow on the ground. It will be August or longer before most of the snowpack melts off above the 9000-foot level.

Area Roads: 395 is open north and southbound with no restrictions. Highway 203 is open to the Main Lodge. No date on when the road to the Minaret Vista will open. The Snow at the entrance station to Reds Meadow is about 12-14 feet high at this time. It might be a month or longer. Tioga and Sonora Passes are closed with no opening dates set but with plowing and blowing underway.

Mammoth Lakes Shuttle Busses: The Mammoth Lakes Trolley is Open with the Ski Area Shuttle bus running from the Village to the Main Lodge.

Skiing & Snowboarding: Lifts are open out of the Main Lodge through July this Summer.

Camping Season: All Campgrounds below the 8000-foot level are expected to open on June 9th.

The Mammoth Lakes Basin: The basin is still buried in deep Snow, 6-12+ feet deep at this time. Plowing of the roads in the basin is set to start on June 19th and could take a week to complete.

After that, the area will be closed to traffic while repairs from the winter take place. The best guess for an opening would be around July 4th. Don’t expect the Snow to have all melted off by that time, but the road could be a go.

Rock Creek Canyon: The road is open to Rock Creek Lodge. Nothing else is plowed out yet. Rock Creek Lakes is about half melted out, with some broken sections with Snow on most shoreline areas.

Bishop Creek Canyon: The Road is open to Lake Sabrina and South Lake, with Snow on the ground above 8500 feet.

Buttermilk Area: Cooler-than-average weather is making for some great June Climbing and Mountain Biking in this area.

Other Things to Do in the Eastern Sierra: There are many things to do besides Snow Sports and Mountain Biking. We have compiled a list of other things to do from Mammoth Lakes down to Bishop at this link.

July 4th Holiday: The big holiday weekend will feature winter sports at Mammoth Mountains Main Lodge. These lifts are expected to be open: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, and 23, along with the Panorama Gondola to the Top. The Mountain Bike Park is not expected to be open for the Holiday due to Snow.

On July 4th, down in town at 11 AM, they have a big parade with a 5 K run that goes off at 8 AM. There will also be July 4th Fireworks at Crowley Lake and a small July 2nd Fireworks show at the Village at Mammoth.

Up on Mammoth Mountain, there is a summit party on July 1st. There is no mention of a firework show like in 2017, so we will see.
Camping by this Holiday will still be limited to elevations below about 8500 feet, with the Lake Basin above Twin Lakes still expected to have several feet of Snow on the ground.

Please have a great Summer. I will be updating a couple of times a week this Summer.

ST out…